Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process where you use specific keywords to rank your website higher on Google, Bing or Yahoo. To do SEO correctly you need to improve your visibility to these Search Engines. All search engines use bots, who crawl your site looking for phrases or keywords. They then rank your website based on what they believe is relevant to a particular phrase or keyword. It makes it very important that you understand what you want to rank on a search engine for and write your content around that.SEO is changing though and currently, a major ranking factor is user engagement. By using our specialized online toolsWeb Design Joburg will help your SEO strategy with on-page content, editing and development optimization.We will have your website ranking and generating consistent traffic to your website in no time

SEO: How We Do It

SEO Audit

Our  audit evaluates the health of your website and identifies areas that could use improvement. A SEO audit needs to be done so that we are able to create a custom strategy for your website. Your strategy will include technical, on-page , and off-page SEO as well as keyword research and competitor analysis.


After our  audit we will go through this audit with you step by step so that you understand what we are going to do for you without feeling overwhelmed.

Creating Quality Content

At Web Design Joburg our process creates both written and visually appealing content which is designed to show up in Google’s algorithm. The optimal form of search engine optimization should demonstrate excellence in user ability, with both quality web aesthetics and written content. We will always optimize your websites so that they will elicit maximum traffic once completed.

Magic Time

Unfortunately, SEO isn’t an instant change to your business, it takes some time before Google will make the changes. This mainly happens anywhere between 1-3 months, but once it does. You will be gaining quality views from your website.


Our Client Offer

  1. Standard SEO starter package
  2. Google Data Studio
  3. Keyword research
  4. On and off-page optimization
  5. Social media optimization
  6. Website back-linking
  7. High quality content design
  8. Google Analytics and Ad Word services

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