Ecommerce: Top 10- Tips for SA in 2021

E-commerce is taking off massively around the world and especially South Africa. Its time to get your business or new idea off the ground. Here are the top 10 tips for SA Ecommerce in 2021.

Look for a market that you are passionate about but is underserved. Maybe you like to read and want to sell second-hand books.

2. Your Domain

A short clear domain which is easy to remember will score your success and make your business more marketable.

3. The Platform

There are many good e-commerce options out there. You must look at what is best for you. Some are, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and Woocommerce

4. Payment Platform

Payfast and Yoco(referral link) are two preferred in South Africa, Paypal is the oldest out there. See which one suits your needs better.

5. Marketing

The most critical part, you can have a store but if nobody knows it won’t succeed. Use Social Media, Google and Email marketing to your advantage.

6. SEO

Something that must be at the top of your thoughts is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) This means writing and blogging for search engines like Google.

7. Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin are great places to advertise your business, find your audience whether 100 or 5000 and groom them to become paying customers.

8. Blog

Get a blog started on your website that details your products, the design process and manufacturing. It also allows you to develop your brand.

9. Create Video!

Video promotion on your social pages is the way forward for your e-commerce business. take videos of your product and share them far and wide.

10. The Courier

How will your good be delivered? Through a courier company like Ram or a parcel collection like Paxi?

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